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Welcome to a tour of the Hoover Martial Arts Facility, located in Martinsburg, PA (about 30 minutes outside of Altoona). We offer a wonderful facility that is clean, professional, and spacious. We utilize a wide array of supplementary training tools, ideal to meet the needs of each student and his/her personal goals.

Hoover Martial Arts Center was opened in Martinsburg, PA in 1988. The dojo has a spacious 40’ by 40’ main workout floor with extra high ceilings to allow for ease of movement when training with long weapons. It also has a second small workout room for individual or small group instruction. The facility has both male and female locker rooms as well as a small waiting room. Total square footage for the workout area is over 2000 square feet.

Traditional “shinza” located at the front of the dojo.

Formal entryway with a variety of credentials and cultural items on display.

The dojo offers a variety of training tools to enhance technique and physical fitness.

Training mirrors are provided for self correction during workouts.

Hoover Martial Arts provides an opportunity to train in a wide variety of traditional Okinawan Kobudo weapons.

The floors have the appearance of traditional tatami but are actually padded for student protection and comfort.

Dojo Virtual Tour September 1, 2015

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