Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo (Weapons)

The Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo (weapons) traces its lineage through Seikichi Odo and his version of Matayoshi Kobudo.  The system includes training in the “popular” Okinawa weaponary such as bo, sai, tunfa, and nunchaku as well as many of the lesser known, but highly effective, weapons such as tekko, eku, nunte, and kuwa.  Training in the system includes the 27 original weapons kata as passed down by Master Odo as well as additional kata incorporated by C. Bruce Heilman, Hanshi and President of the IKKF, of which Hoover Martial Arts Center is a member.  Students have the chance to learn the basic kata movement as well as application principles  and defensive themes inherent in  the use of the individual weapons. Application of the techniques is enhanced through weapons kumite using modern versions of bogu gear.

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