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We are Martinsburg's longest running martial arts establishment. We have helped generations of local residents improve their mind, body, and spirit through traditional training and we hope we can help you as well.

Hoover Martial Arts teaches a combination of empty hand self defense (karate) and weapons combatives (kobudo). The curriculum is a healthy mixture of exercise, pre-arranged forms (kata), sparring, history, and mindset development.

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"To search for the old is to understand the new. The old, the new, this is a matter of time..."
-Funakoshi Gichin


Karate is an empty hand life protection method derived from the island of Okinawa, off the Southern Coast of Japan. Karate involves a combination of strikes, holds, trips, throws, and hand grappling. Learn More…


Okinawan weapons, known as Kobudo, are tools of self defense that vary widely in their appearance and usage. Common tools of Kobudo include bo (staff), tonfa, sai, and nunchaku (nunchuk). Learn more…

About Us

Led by Doug Hoover Sensei, Hoover Martial Arts follows the style of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo as well as Koryu Uchinadi Hand Grappling. Learn more…

Class Schedule

We hold regular classes every week, taught by our skilled black belts and dojo head Doug Hoover. Classes are subject to change, so students should check back regularly for updates. Learn more…

About Our Dojo (School)

Our facility provides over 2000 square feet of uninterrupted training space. We supply a wide variety of training equipment, both traditional and modern. Students at HMAC will find everything they need to explore the world of Karate and improve their physical well-being.

Rows of weapons line the far wall, as practitioners of Okinawa Kenpo are exposed to a wide variety of implements as they progress through their training.

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Traditional Lineage

Our system of karate goes back multiple generations. Dojo owner Doug Hoover learned directly from Bruce Heilman and Seikichi Odo (the late headmaster of the style). Odo Sensei was a senior student of Nakamura Shigeru, the founder of Okinawa Kenpo.

Testimonials from HMAC Staff and Students

An Awesome Challenge
I am 74 years young.  I started karate over 25 years ago, but had to stop training for personal reasons.  I returned to the dojo a year ago.  After my first night back, my body felt so loose and free.  It was great!  You have to try this form of exercise and, while doing so, you will learn self defense.  J. Porreca
An Awesome Challenge

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